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Winner: Best of Virginia Beach 2015


Sidney & Bailey
Rebecca & Popps
Ellen & Zack
Deb & Jester
Sharnette & Flori
Cindy & Zane
Terrina & Flagan
Laurie & Penny
Stacy of SJP Dressage
Jenn of Clouser Eventing
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Keith Brooks
Cheryl & Legs
Kelly Performance Horses

2010 - present

2010 - present


"Amanda Anderson served us well. She did an amazing job not only fitting my daughter's horse, but also fit her. The saddle fit her so well that it improved her equitation."


"I wanted to write and thank you and the Stubben Company for creating such an amazing saddle and for using such a skillful saddle fitter.  I purchased the new Aramis with the biomex seat.
My horse had been having chiropractic issues and it was suggested I have my saddle checked and it proved to be a problem.  I was more then wary of saddle fitters as those in the past were very driven to sale their product only.  I was more then surprised when Amanda came - informed me my saddle did not fit my horse any but first suggested I ride in as many saddles as I could to find.  She then offered me one that she had with her, the Aramis, which she thought would fit both of us well.  When I rode in it the first time all my battles to keep my self up and correct were gone.  The saddle let me go naturally where I needed to be and my horse, although cautious at first, was more then happy with it on her back. The longer she had it on her back the more relaxed and happy she became.
I order the Aramis based on Amanda’s size recommendations and it was a perfect fit.  How she managed to make those calls is amazing.  I have a long thigh and have always had issues with my knee being jammed -  this saddle does not do that.  It allows me to simple sit and immediately lets me be where I need to be without any “searching” for the proper seat or leg position. It fits my horse and me perfectly. I am no longer having issues with her back and she is now moving wonderfully.  The other lovely thing with the saddle is that it did not require any “break-in” time.  The quality of the leather and the workmanship made it so that there were no issues and it form to both my horse and myself beautifully.  There was no “fine tuning “ needed.  My only regret is that I did not do this several years ago.  Thank you and your company for creating such a wonderful saddle and for having Amanda who is also just as wonderful at making sure that what is decided is good for both horse and rider." 


" Amanda fitted both my horse and I with precisely the right saddle. She took the time to teach me about saddle fit, biomechanics, and equine anatomy. I recommend her unreservedly. Give her time to work, and you will have the right saddle."


"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation on saddle fitting for our Pony Club on May 31. Everyone learned a lot - thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and knowledge with us!"


"Amanda didn't push me into making a decision about buying a different saddle or fitting my old one. She evaluated me in both, videotaped my rides, wrote detailed notes on my rides in each saddle, measured my horse, then showed me exactly how each fit my horse and me. She ended up saving me several thousand dollars because my old saddle actually fit the best. It was the most detailed appointment I have ever had, and I feel confident in my decision."


"After using this Stubben demo for the last 3 weeks, my horse has gone from being back sore and girthy to actually pleasant when I saddle her up. No more mean faces, and she has developed more over her top line.


I'm also really glad you offer a trial for the demo saddles. It is important to have more than one ride to see how the horse is going to react to a saddle over time. And I'm happy to say that she loves it!"


"You have been such a big help finding me a saddle! If I ever have to buy a saddle again, I am definitely using you! If it wasn't for you, my horse would still be in pain!"


"It is so nice to have someone who does excellent repair work in this area. My billets are beautiful!"


"The saddle fitter who worked on my saddle after you moved to Virginia said that you did great work! Thanks for taking care of Diamant so well!"


"This WOW saddle is brilliant! My horse has never moved better. He's very free in the shoulder, and bends lovely to the left in this saddle."


"Amanda is the savior of saddle fitters! She took my horse Joey on when no one else would... after a process of trying saddles, the Nobility is the one Joey loves the best! I am so happy with the results and forever grateful that Amanda made it possible to ride my horse again!"


"Amanda Anderson! Thank you for giving my (daughter) her beautiful smile again and helping us patiently work through the changing back of a difficult to fit horse. The horse is happy to be at work again. She can be ridden! Naysayers... neigh, neigh, neigh to you! Sleipnir Saddlery is a lifesaver."


"The billets are really great! Thanks for the excellent service!"


"Amanda has all the knowledge of the bigger saddle companies' fitters, but with none of the snobbery or hassle. I didn't feel like I had to beg for an appointment, and I certainly didn't have to wait 6 months for her to come out! Thank you for taking such good care of my horse! You are highly recommended!"


"Even if I didn't want a Stubben, I would still use you because you provide such great service! My back pain is gone, and my horse isn't sore anymore. I am very happy with your service!"


"I started reading UnTACKED last night and learn that one article in particular reflected upon my saddle fitter, Amanda Anderson! I officially think she's a superwoman! She took apart (a client's) saddle on my kitchen counter last night (to fix it) and put it back together... Not only did I learn a lot from watching, but it solidified something I already know, she is a true craftsman! Looking forward to our future working equine partnership, and friendship."


"Calling Amanda was the best – and most cost effective – thing I could have done for both my horse and me. If you think that using the services of a saddle fitter is something that only professionals do or will cost an arm and a leg, think again. When purchasing my first saddle, I thought I did everything just right - I took wither tracings, tried several saddles and paid (lots) of shipping costs back and forth. For the price of one round of shipping alone, I could have had Amanda come to visit my horse and tell me what size saddle the horse needed, what saddles were more likely to best suit my horse and evaluate current saddle fit. Most surprisingly of all - there was no hidden agenda. Amanda didn’t try to push one certain brand of saddle but rather leaves all options on the table: from adjusting current saddle fit (if possible) to recommending new or demo saddles to assisting in finding a better used alternative, she’s happy to do whatever fits best into your budget. I am very happy to say that after working with Amanda to find the right saddle and having it fitted correctly – no more bucking!"


"My horse loves this WOW™saddle! He moves freely and forward down hills in his WOW™ saddle, where before his walk was stilted and short. He feels soft and happy all the time now!"


"I am amazed at how secure I feel in the WOW™saddle! My horse normally has a very choppy trot, but he felt freer through the shoulder and the trot was much more comfortable. And the saddle left a perfect impression on his back; I can see that the FLAIR was making even pressure all the way around. I am impressed!"

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