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A Day in the Life of a Saddle Fitter's Assistant

Those that diligently follow "" on Instagram and FaceBook know that Amanda recently acquired an assistant. Why did she acquire one? She finally admitted that she could use help. Enter "assistant", (me) Carrie.

I have known Amanda for a long time, and was extremely curious about her passion. Okay, okay so I am in love with her horse Dante, AND curious as to how Amanda knew all of these amazing things. I had never stepped foot in the equestrian world, and boy was I shocked. My experience with horses was very limited to farm and ranch life. I was in for culture shock, and it was the BEST experience I could have asked for.

Ideally, Amanda needed a driver. Someone to drive the 2 and 3 hour stretches between appointments while she answered emails, returned phone calls, responded on social media, entered in orders, contacted suppliers, and basically be a boss.

I listened to her speak to clients, educate new hopeful saddle owners, and field supply updates from her boss. The massive amount of knowledge this woman had blew me away.

She taught and educated me while I drove, and if you think her job is easy; think again. I started with the idea that i would drive her around a few hours and that would be that, and in all fairness I had no reference to understand what her day entailed. 19 hours, the average length of her working day when she is on the road. Let me just tell you of our last road trip:

3 days

5 states

10 appointments

17 clients

Saddle fittings, flockings, adjustments of newly broken in saddles, evaluations of newly received saddles, saddle repairs, balance adjustments, billet repairs, delivery of a refurbished saddle, tack alterations.

She really does know her stuff and she is more and more in demand.

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