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"Saddle fitting is much more than just flocking a saddle. Saddle design is a huge part of whether the saddle will work for a particular horse, and this is determined largely by anatomy and biomechanics. In order to solve the problem, rather than simply treat a symptom, you need comprehensive education and experience in a multitude of subjects."


German Trained Saddle Fitter

3 years of apprenticeship to a German Master Saddler with over 4,800 hours of instruction.

24 years of saddle fitting experience.

Yearly continuing education with multiple brands in Germany and UK/Scotland.


Since 2001, Amanda has attended over a 20 US, German, and UK based independent and brand-sponsored saddle fitting courses/schools.

Training on Multiple Brands

Amanda has trained on Passier, Euroriding, WOW™, Kieffer, Hennig, Courbette, Stubben, Cardanel, Schleese, Prestige, County, Bates/Wintec, Custom, JRD, Ainsley (Polo), and Laser.

Director of Equine Necropsy

Denali Equine Research & Rehabilitation Center

Stubben Certified Saddle Fitter

Ainsley Saddlery Certified Saddle Fitter

FLAIR® Trained Saddle Fitter

Equine Necropsy Technician

Acupuncture Physician & Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Independently Certified Saddle Fitter by multiple schools

USDF Bronze Medalist

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